invasion game

This is an invasion game that will improve fitness, coordination, and strategy.  It is played at a feverish pace as both teams try to conquer and then defend each cone area to gain control of the field.  The Protectors try to defend their cone from being struck but also try to hit the cone of the opposing teams protectors. When a cone is hit the Runners from each team will deploy and race to gain control of that cone. 

Capture the flag

A game of strategy and teamwork

Two teams strive to be the first to capture the others flag.  Offense and Defense are key strategies for this game along with working together to formulate a plan to be successful at this game. A sure favorite of all participants.

Maximum Impact 4 Kids

an activity Summer camp for children

A small Selection of Games and activities 

LoRD of the rings

invasion game

A game based upon the film trilogy.  4 teams compete to be the the lord of the rings.  Ring masters must keep the towers charged to full capacity while other players try to steal rings from other teams without being tagged.  The team with the most rings at the end will have the tower of power in this frantic tag game and defeat the evil lord.

team end zone handball/catch 8

team sport - ball game

A typical team sport which includes the concept of "Give and Go" or pass and move such as Soccer, Basketball, and Hockey.  The aim of teams is to throw a ball across a end-zone.  Catch 8 is game which teaches the basic concepts of offense and defense to younger children.  The rules are very similar to Handball although to score a 'goal'  teams simply have to catch 8 passes in a row.  In both games teams must make quick decisions to make a play in this high speed game


team building game

Players are working against the clock to get all of the popcorn (wiffle balls) back into the popcorn container without moving.  Players must formulate and plan and learn by mistakes to win and be successful in this game.